6 Advantages of Storefront Glass for Your Business

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6 Advantages of Storefront Glass for Your Business

Whether you are building a new retail space or looking to revamp the one you have, you should consider using storefront glass. There are many advantages to opting for this design–for both your business and the building. To help you decide if this is a project you should invest in, here are six advantages of storefront glass for your business.

1. It Boosts Customer Traffic

Customers are reluctant to enter a retail space unless they know what it offers. While a catchy name and bold signs are useful, they are no substitute for actually showing customers your products. You can do this by having large windows that allow potential customers to view the entire store, by having enclosed displays that showcase specific products, or by combining them—having an open exhibition that showcases particular products while giving a view of the store behind.

2. It Deters Crime

There is nothing criminals hate more than being made visible. The success of most criminal ventures relies on not being seen. When your storefront features large windows, it means that everything inside is on display, making thieves less likely to target your store.

3. It Increases the Value of the Building

If you own the retail space, this is a significant plus. When stores are looking for locations to rent, they want the very best. One way you can make your business stand out is by outfitting it with storefront glass. You will be able to charge more in rent and should you eventually sell the building; you will be able to increase your asking price.

4. It Improves Energy Efficiency

Most storefronts have some windows in place, even when they are not expansive displays. However, those without large glass displays are usually older buildings, which means that the seals around the windows have likely deteriorated to the point that they no longer maintain the temperature in the store well. Given how often customers open the doors to go in and out of the building, any measure you can take to improve energy efficiency will make a difference.

5. Increase Employee Productivity

This is perhaps the least apparent benefit of storefront glass. When the store is visible from the outside, employees are hyper-aware of their visibility. Even if they are not thinking it consciously, they will do a better job of staying on task and be more productive since they know they could be observed at any moment.

6. Bring in Natural Light

The lighting in your store has a significant impact on the way customers feel inside the building and how they perceive what you are selling. Regarding inspiring good feelings, you cannot do better than natural light. With large storefront glass, the sun will always be shining in and making your store feel like a great place to be.

To Design Your Glass Storefront, Work with Economy Glass

Economy Glass has decades of experience in the business, and during this time, we have helped many companies design storefronts that are enticing and flow well with their overall design. If you are in the market for a remodel or are building a new commercial space, give us a call. We have the products and expertise needed to get the job done right.

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