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Homes and businesses in the Los Angeles area must frequently deal with the heat and light generated by our sunny, Mediterranean environment. At the same time, they must deal with important aesthetic considerations that may affect both the appearance and value of their property. A customized installation of tinted window glass may be just the right answer for functional sunlight control that supports important design goals and requirements. With a full selection of customizable tinted glass options, the professionals at

Economy Glass Co. West can help you find the high-quality, affordable products you need to complete your project on time and within your budget.

What Is Tinted Glass?

Tinted window glass (known more formally as tinted window glazing) is not the same as the synthetic, tinted films commonly applied to the surface of clear glass windows in vehicles, homes and businesses. Instead, this product has a color or tint added directly to it during the float glass process before cooling. This means that the chosen tint permeates throughout each sheet of finished glass, rather than just remaining on the surface. Since the tint is literally a part of the glass, it will not rub off with use or peel away like a tinted synthetic film.

Depending on the color and amount of tint used during the manufacturing process, tinted window glass may be substantially darker and more opaque than clear glass. As a rule, thicker panes of glass appear darker than thinner panes with the same tinting amount and color. From the inside, tinted windows still provide a clear view, even when they reduce visibility from the outside. Since tinted windows absorb a lot of heat (which can potentially cause problems with their structural stability), they’re typically made from single-layered tempered glass or multi-layered laminated glass, not weaker, traditional annealed glass.

Why Choose Tinted Glass?

There are a number of reasons to install tinted glass in a home or business. Chief among these reasons is reduced exposure to the heat contained in the sun’s rays. All tinted glass absorbs at least part of this heat, and some tinted products absorb a high percentage of the sun’s thermal output. This means that homeowners and business owners with tinted windows can significantly increase their control over interior temperatures, and thereby increase their chances of keeping their long-term utility costs under control.

Tinted glass also cuts down on the penetration of visible light, as well as the sun’s invisible UV radiation. Reductions in visible light can eliminate uncomfortable glare in sun-drenched interior spaces, while reductions in UV radiation can substantially extend the life of sun-exposed interior items such as furniture wood and fabrics, wood floorings and photographs.

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Solarcool Azuria
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Solarcool Solexia
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Laminated (Tinted)
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What to Expect from Economy Glass

At Economy Glass, our staff has decades of experience customizing tinted windows made from both tempered and laminated glass. We completely understand the problems that can occur during the customization process. Customizers must cut through each layer of glass, as well as the synthetic membrane. Only an experienced professional can reliably and accurately perform this complex job. Crucially, we also have the know-how required to avoid problems during the fabrication process and deliver a superior finished product, even when faced with unique project demands or a tight deadline. Before beginning work, we will give you a detailed estimate for the total cost of customization. After completing your tinted products, our experts can provide affordable, professional on-site installation at your business or home. If you choose, we can also ensure the smooth transfer of your finished products to another installer.