Backpainted Glass

Backpainted Glass is practical, versatile and extremely appealing from a visual point of view. It is extremely popular in modern interiors, and commercial spaces. Its long-term durability, glossy appearance and ease of installation make this type of glass a good substitute for conventional wall coverage options like tile, granite, marble or hardwood. In fact, backpainted glass is perfect for a variety of ambient designs, in both residential and corporate environments. At Economy Glass Co. West Inc., we specialize in all forms of backpainted glass, and are sure to have the resources needed to bring your unique design concept to fruition.

Back painted glass also provides a variety of different functions that normal
glass does not. For example, if painted with a metallic surface, the glass
becomes magnetic. It can also be painted with a reflective paint to create a
mirrored surface. When painted with bold colors, it makes a strong statement.
In addition, neutral or white backing creates a seamless panel with clean lines.
It can also be painted in a striped pattern or made to resemble natural material
such as wood or marble.

The Benefits of Back Painted Glass Include:

  • Clean, contemporary look
  • Comes in a variety of colors and styles
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Makes a stylish dry erase board
  • Bold or neutral design element

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Noir Back Painted Glass
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What is backpainted glass?

Backpainted glass, also known as “color coated glass”, is a type of glass that is painted on one side using a durable and opaque color paint. The paint layer is uniform and usually monochrome. Bi- or multi-colored backpainted glass requires a complex painting process and has a somewhat more narrow range of applications. The glass is exposed to color on the clear side, which gives the illusion of depth and creates a glossy surface. The depth illusion of the glass depends upon its thickness. At Economy Glass, we produce backpainted glass using low-cure baked acrylic or water-based paints which create a uniform color and an environmentally-friendly product for your home or business.

Why You Should Choose Economy Glass

Boasting a vast experience in selling and installing all types of glass, Economy Glass has the expertise to counsel clients regarding the best glass for their purpose, while keeping in mind several important parameters like thickness, color and quality. Furthermore, Economy Glass has an extensive network of collaborators which provide us the best materials for your projects.