Custom Glass Installations

Although we would love to be able to provide all our glass and services online, there are limitations to what we are able to offer online. Luckily, however, we are able to offer everything you could want and more in store, whether it be a piece of glass, or a service. One service that we provide for our customers is custom glass installations. These installations are usually for insulated glass windows, large bathroom mirrors, shower enclosures, and larger pieces of glass. We have a very experienced group of professionals and technicians that are able to cater to all of your needs, regardless of what glass you want, and how large you want it. Our technicians are polite, on time, efficient, and ensure they clean up any mess they make while installing glass in your home.

If you need the windows in your home replaced, or if even if a window is broken, we can install and replace the glass as accurately as possible. If you require an insulated window to be replaced, we will take a piece of the glass and have our in-store professionals look at the glass and get as close a match as possible.  We pride ourselves on providing prompt, and detailed service from when you receive an estimate from our in-house pros, to when your glass is ordered, to when your glass is installed by our experienced technicians. For all custom glass installations, you can call or come into the store to get an estimate, set up a time for a technician to come to your home, or schedule when you want your glass to be installed in your home.

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I called them at 9am to see if they were able to replace a window pane that was accidentally broken in our living room the night before. As luck would have it, there was a cancellation and one of their technicians arrived at 11am exactly as scheduled. The technician worked efficiently and quickly, even moving our couch to put down a drop cloth so that none of the broken glass got on the floor as he was removing fragments of the old window. It took approximately 1 hour, and the bill was the same as the estimate. They were professional, friendly, and quick, showing up on time and honoring their very reasonable estimate.

– Deidre H.