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Window damage is an unfortunate fact of life. And whether at home or in the workplace, problems with your windows can lead to a host of significant issues, including reduced indoor comfort, loss of protection from the elements and even an uninhabitable building interior. When you need timely, effective repair or replacement of your damaged windows, call on the verified experts at Economy Glass. With 85-plus years in the business and a full range of customizable services, we provide you with an unequaled blend of expertise and cost-effectiveness. We’re also your one-stop solution for customizable window upgrades that improve the function and appearance of your household or business.

Common Types of Window Damage

There are three main forms of window damage:

  •         Cracking/breakage
  •         Window frame cracking or warping, and
  •         Condensation accumulation

Cracking and breaking of window panes is the most common issue. It has a range of potential causes, including accidents and weather-related incidents. Window frame cracking and warping often occurs as a result of direct physical damage. Frames made from vinyl can also warp or crack for reasons that include prolonged exposure to the sun in hot climates and prolonged exposure to low temperatures in cold climates.

Condensation accumulation is an issue specific to double- or triple-paned insulated glass, which relies on harmless gas injected between each pane for increased control of indoor temperatures. Every pane in a piece of insulated glass is held together at the edges by a single hidden seal. Condensation forms when this seal weakens or breaks, and moisture gains access to the window interior. Over time, moisture buildup can lead to “foggy” or dirty windows.

Reasons for Choosing a Window Repair

Repair is a potential option for both window frame damage and condensation accumulations in insulated glass. If you have a window with a warped or broken frame, a patch performed with the original material may sufficiently restore its weathertight function. Additional frame-related issues that you can typically address with a repair include:

  •         Leaking around the screws or nails used to hold the frame in place
  •         Leaking or breakage of the strips of material that sit between the window frame and the wall of your home or business, and
  •         Breakage of the sash interlocks that provide structural integrity for windows capable of opening and closing vertically or horizontally

Repair is the typical solution for insulated windows affected by damaged seals and condensation accumulation. In the first step of the process, an experienced professional will remove the window seal and eliminate all signs of the condensation buildup. In the second phase of repair, the window will be completely reassembled with a brand-new seal.

Reasons for Choosing Window Replacement

Replacement is the go-to option for any window glass that sustains a crack or an outright break. That’s true because only a replacement can reliably restore function to any glass damaged in this way. In addition, you may need to replace any window with a significantly damaged frame. Things to look for here include:

  •         A heavily warped or cracked frame made of vinyl or any other material, and
  •         A wooden window frame with extensive signs of rot, water infiltration or any other source of advancing disintegration

There is also another common reason for replacing windows in a home or business: the desire to upgrade to new windows that provide better protection from the elements or have greater visual appeal. A switch from single-pane windows to insulated windows can significantly reduce your utility bills and lead to increased indoor comfort throughout the year. In addition, a switch in window style can potentially improve the appearance of any building. When performed for any reason, a window replacement may have the added advantage of boosting overall property value.

Expertise Is Critical

Household and commercial windows are available in a variety of materials. A short list of the potential options covers choices such as:

  •         Single-paned annealed glass
  •         Single-paned tempered glass
  •         Insulated glass formed from panes of annealed or tempered glass
  •         Laminated glass formed from sheets of annealed or tempered glass, and
  •         Tinted glass available in a range of formats

Each of these materials has its own characteristics. This means that anyone you call on for repair or replacement help must understand the differences between them. They must also understand the specific techniques used to work on each type of window installed in residential and commercial buildings.

In addition, window repair and replacement professionals must have the practical experience required to assess any situation they encounter. They must then devise a quality-conscious solution that meets your needs while having as little impact as possible on your bottom line. Without this kind of demonstrated expertise, you simply have no way of knowing if the provider you hire can actually get the job done to your satisfaction.

Our Comprehensive Services

Whether you’re looking for expert window repair or replacement, you can rely on the comprehensive services provided the professionals at Economy Glass. We’ve been in continual operation for close to nine decades, and no one in greater Los Angeles knows glass and windows better than we do. No matter the source of your problems, we can assess the damage and help you determine whether to opt for a repair or replacement.

If you choose repair, we will provide you with the appropriate solution for any common issue, as well as less common issues that sometimes diminish window performance. If you choose replacement, we’ll combine our deep experience with the region’s largest selection of top-quality residential and commercial glass. Extensive customization options make it easy to for us to fulfill virtually any request for style or material.

Economy Glass also specializes in residential and commercial window upgrades. If you have an upcoming renovation or remodeling project, we can help you plan and carry out all window-related work. Regardless of the scope of your plans, our skill and resources give you the freedom to match window aesthetics and function to your specific requirements.

Call on the Los Angeles-Area Leader

From our home in Santa Monica, Economy Glass provides premier window repair and replacement services for communities throughout greater Los Angeles. Whether you’re looking for minor repairs or complete replacement of every window in your building, our knowledgeable staff will carry out every step of the process with courtesy and efficiency. And with affordable prices that fall within your budget, we make it easy to get the help you need when hours and minutes count. Call today to arrange your services and learn more about your available options.