Design choices have a powerful effect on our ability to feel comfortable and enjoy the time we spend at home or in our place of business. In many cases, even seemingly small details can make the difference between décor that lacks flair and décor that fully combines functional necessity with elegant creativity. A form of glass fabrication called edgework is just the sort of detail that can enhance the look of a business or residence. The experts at Economy Glass Co. West Inc. specialize in a broad range of affordable edgework solutions that fulfill even the most demanding practical and visual requirements.

What Is Edgework?

Unfinished sheets of cut glass typically have very sharp edges. Without proper protection, anyone who handles these sheets runs the risk of serious injury. For this reason, glass manufacturers commonly trim the edges of new glass sheets in order to make them safer to work with. If you can’t see the edges of a glass product after installation, however, no other work is required. Many finished glass products (including tabletops, mirrors and cabinet doors), on the other hand, frequently have visible edges. This means that manufacturers and specialty shops must do additional work to create edges with aesthetic appeal.

All told, there are more than a dozen types of stock edgework, each of which has its characteristic profile and visual appearance. The types of edgework Economy Glass offers include:

edgework image

Standard & Custom Edgework Options

In addition to a range of styles, standard edgework comes in a range of thicknesses (typically from a minimum of ¼” to a maximum of ¾”). For many people, standard glass products work well. However, in some situations, non-stock options are a better choice. Customized edgework may feature unique edge profiles, unique thicknesses, or a combination of non-standard profiles and non-standard thicknesses. It takes a highly skilled hand to craft such custom solutions while maintaining the required consistency, quality and durability. Customized edgework may also call for the use of glass-cutting machines not normally available in the average workshop.

Keep in mind that certain edgework options can change the price of the glass you order due to their complexity and the amount of work it takes to create that edge. If you order a custom piece of glass, meaning it has curves or angles, additional charges will be applied to your order, because these edges cannot be created using a machine, and have to be created manually by our experienced glass technicians.