A sleek, attractive, functional shower often includes a shower enclosure. It’s essential function is to keep the spray and mist from the shower from entering the rest of the bathroom. It’s a more durable and oftentimes more attractive alternative to a shower curtain. Shower enclosures are also easier to clean and manage than a pesky curtain that tears, sticks to the tub, and often gets mildew.  A shower enclosure performs its function while adding beauty and style to your bathroom. Economy Glass, located in Santa Monica, is the best store for buying and installing new glass shower enclosures. We have every style of glass shower enclosure and glass to ensure you find exactly what you want for your bathroom. 

The options for shower enclosures are endless. Through custom design, we can assist you in creating an enclosure that fits your style and needs. Some of the styles and options available include:

Frameless Enclosures

Shower Enclosures - FramelessJust the glass in place surrounding the shower with no frame to obstruct the beauty of the glass can create a gorgeous effect. With only a few hinges and some hardware in place to connect to the walls, the shower appears open and airy. This style may help a small bathroom appear larger and more spacious, free of any interference in the design.  

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Framed Enclosures

Shower Enclosures - FramedFramed enclosures aren’t limited to an outer metal frame surrounding the glass. Think beyond an aluminum frame surrounding glass. From panels, to outer frames, with colors available to match the color pallet of your choice, the possibilities for framed enclosures are numerous.  Framed enclosures are attractive and functional. The use of the frame provides added durability and strength to the glass. Adjustable panels can be used to allow steam to escape while keeping the water where it belongs.  

Sliding Shower Doors

Shower Enclosures - Sliding Door

If you don’t have space for a swinging door or are concerned about it getting bumped, a sliding shower door can be the perfect solution. Creating a seamless line from the shower wall through the door, a sliding door is attractive and easy to use. This space-saving solution may be used on both frameless and framed shower enclosures. Partially frameless enclosures are a third option that produce an airy, spacious effect, but don’t drive the price out of range.


Shower Enclosures - Doorless EnclosuresDoors aren’t always necessary to contain shower water and spray.  A combination of wall and glass can produce an open, stylish effect without using a door.  The bathroom space is more unified when using this design as the shower is not completely closed off.  

Enclose the Tub

Shower Enclosures - Enclosed TubIf you’re wondering about your tub, never fear. Combination shower/tubs can also be accommodated with a glass shower enclosure as well. Framed or frameless, the enclosure can be created to meet your needs and improve the style and appearance of your bathroom. If you’re ready to say goodbye to your shower curtain, but keep your tub, a glass enclosure will be perfect for you.

Other Considerations

When planning your glass shower enclosure, whatever style you choose will come with a number of additional considerations. You can choose from a variety of glass styles including transparent. If you desire a bit more privacy, frosted, obscured, patterned, and textured glass are great options.  These options allows light to enter the enclosure without compromising privacy. Even backpainted or tinted glass can be used if desired. Additionally, you may want to discuss glass types such as tempered, annealed or laminated depending on the type of use that will be given, as well as safety concerns for your bathroom.

When designing your shower enclosure, we’re happy to help you with the design. We are experts in shower enclosures and will be happy to answer your questions about glass types, safety, and what design will best fit your needs. Here at Economy Glass, our team of professionals will be happy to work with you to create your dream shower enclosure.  We provide high quality services and products. For more information on our installation and consultation services, please visit our services page.