Top Tips for Choosing the Best Shower Enclosure

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Top Tips for Choosing the Best Shower Enclosure

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, one of the most important upgrades is a new shower enclosure. Eliminate that pesky curtain and enjoy the look of a sleek, glass enclosure that makes your bathroom feel more spacious and bright. Even for the smallest of bathrooms, there are shower enclosure solutions that will improve the visual appeal of the space and make it ever more functional.

Shower enclosures are attractive and functional. However, there are many options to choose from. How will you choose the best shower enclosure for your bathroom?

Here are some tips on what you should consider as you move through the design stages of creating your shower enclosure:

Tub or No Tub?

There are many ways to do shower enclosures both with and without a tub. You just have to decide how you feel about your tub. If you love your tub, a shower enclosure can be built around your tub and shower combination from the tub level up. Alternatively, you can separate the tub from your shower, but still include it in a larger enclosure that has space for both showering and the tub.

Not keen on a tub? If you’re ready to eliminate your tub, then the shower enclosure will be even easier to plan and build. Simply plan the enclosure around your shower and eliminate the space the tub currently occupies.

Door Type

Next, consider the type of door you’d like your shower enclosure to feature. The two main choices are swinging doors and sliding doors. Swinging doors take up more space because they typically open up into the bathroom. Sliding doors are ideal where there’s little space or if you prefer this design. You can even eliminate the door altogether and opt for using just walls and glass to contain the shower spray. A strategically placed doorway allows you to enter and exit the shower without bothering with a door at all.

Frame or Frameless?

The main choice in shower enclosure design is whether or not to use a frame. While framed enclosures make use of metal to hold the glass pieces in place and join them together, frameless enclosures make minimal use of metal hardware to hold pieces of unframed glass in place. Framed enclosures can make use of many different finishes of the metal components to accommodate your style and design preferences. Choose from bronze, chrome or brushed nickel to create a look you’ll love.

While there are many style considerations as to why you may choose a frameless enclosure over a framed one or vice versa, keep in mind that frameless enclosures are typically more expensive. This is because the glass won’t be supported by metal, and so a special, thick type of glass must be used.

Choose Glass Last

Now that you’ve made the main decisions about your enclosure, you can finally pick the type of glass. You can go for a simple, classic, transparent glass or go for something that will give you a bit more privacy. From ribbed glass to frosted designs and patterned glass, you are sure to find something that will look great in your space. Take a look at our many patterned and textured glass options that are perfect for shower enclosures.

Are you ready to install your new shower enclosure? Call in the experts at Economy Glass to help you put the finishing touches on your design and offer an exceptional installation. With the help of our teams, you’ll soon have a fabulous shower enclosure that you can enjoy every day.

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