Ditch Your Shower Curtains for a Glass Enclosure

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Ditch Your Shower Curtains for a Glass Enclosure

While examining the condition of your bathroom, you wonder if there’s a better option available than standard shower curtains. After all, many households have abandoned their curtains and installed a glass enclosure instead. It turns out there are plenty of reasons for making this change. Glass shower enclosures offer several advantages you just can’t get from a standard curtain. Let’s take a few minutes to explore these advantages.

Shower Enclosure Basics

Before we go any further, it helps to learn a bit more about shower enclosures. This term can be used for any enclosed shower space that takes the place of a traditional bathtub. Such spaces can be made from a variety of materials, including acrylic, stone or glass tiles, or blocks. However, the most popular choice is vertical sheets of tempered or laminated glass.

Most enclosures can be closed off entirely with a door. Still, some designs make use of an unenclosed entryway. The majority of glass shower enclosures are held together with metal framing. However, a range of manufacturers also make frameless models.

Reasons for Ditching Your Shower Curtains

Easier Cleaning

Let’s face it. No one likes to clean shower curtains. If you attempt to clean hanging curtains, you can drive yourself crazy trying to hold them in place. Of course, your only other option is to go through the hassle of taking them down. On the other hand, glass enclosures are solid, stable surfaces that simplify the cleaning process. Even better, with the treated glass now available, you can avoid doing any cleaning for extended periods.

A More Attractive Bathroom

Bathrooms often become messy, chaotic spaces. Shower curtains can contribute to this unappealing effect, especially when not kept in good condition. The situation can grow even worse if water leaks from beneath your curtain and onto the floor.

Desiring a more attractive bathroom is one of the main reasons for installing a glass enclosure. The clean lines of an enclosure provide an appealing, architectural look. What’s more, this look can enhance the beauty of a wide range of decorating styles. Regardless of your tastes, you can find an option that fits your personal vision.

A Perceived Increase in Bathroom Size

The presence of a tub and shower curtain can make your bathroom feel more than a bit claustrophobic. In stark contrast, a glass enclosure can add a feeling of depth and spaciousness. This is true because you can see more of the room at any given time. Installation of an enclosure is definitely cheaper than expanding the size of your bathroom!

Reduced Buildup of Mold and Mildew

Shower curtains are made from porous materials that tend to provide an excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew. You can keep these opportunistic invaders at bay with constant cleaning. Of course, you can also abandon your curtain altogether and go with glass instead. Glass is non-porous. Among other things, this means that it resists the formation of mold and mildew. With an enclosure in place, you can worry less about those unsightly, unsanitary dark spots.

Increased Bathroom Safety

To prevent water from escaping, a shower space equipped with a curtain must have some kind of raised edge. In bathrooms outfitted with a tub, this edge may be a foot or more in height. If none of the members of your household have mobility problems, this may not concern you. But your thoughts may change if you or someone else in your home has a significant physical disability. A curbless glass shower enclosure can provide all the safety you need while keeping water where it belongs.

Avoidance of VOCs

VOCs are volatile organic compounds. These compounds, found in shower curtains made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), have known harmful effects. Common examples of these effects include nausea, breathing difficulties, and headaches. Children are especially susceptible to the ill effects of VOCs. By installing a glass enclosure, you can avoid these chemicals and other harmful substances found in many shower curtains.

Increased Home Value

It costs a bit to install a shower enclosure in your bathroom. However, you have a good chance of making up for this investment through added home value. Glass enclosures are quite popular, and homebuyers will often pay more for houses that contain them.

Have any questions about installing a glass shower enclosure? Just call your local custom glass experts. These dedicated professionals can walk you through all of your available options. They can also perform work that meets the highest standards for form and function.

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