3 DIY Methods for Removing Scratches from Glass

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3 DIY Methods for Removing Scratches from Glass

Did you notice a scratch on your mirror, window or glass tabletop? Or perhaps a favorite picture frame got scratched. Glass is gorgeous, but it can be delicate. A scrape from a set of keys, a spiral notebook rubbed the wrong way or a handmade piece of pottery dragged across the surface can create light scratches that diminish the beauty of your glass.

But, what can you do about slightly damaged glass? After all, most people don’t want to call in an expert over a light scratch. At the same time, it’s not ideal to leave the scratch as is, either.

Don’t worry! We’re ready to share our insider tips on how to use a DIY solution for those pesky scratches on your glass. Here are 3 tried and true methods for getting rid of scratches on glass:

Before trying any of these methods, clean the area using a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using rough fabrics or even paper towels, which might only add to the problem. An old t-shirt usually does the job perfectly.  To clean, you can use window cleaner or just a bit of water. Once clean and dry, use one of the following methods:

Metal Polish

Apply a small amount of the polish to a clean cloth and gently rub it into the scratch. Use a minimal amount to avoid adding to the problem. This method can usually minimize the appearance of light scratches.

Nail Polish

This is an excellent method for removing the appearance of scratches. Apply a thin layer of the clear nail polish over the scratch. Once finished, dab nail polish remover on a clean cloth and remove any excess polish.


Use white (non-gel) toothpaste and baking soda to remove the scratch. Mix a small amount of each of these using a toothpick. Then, using a slightly damp cloth, rub it into the scratch. Only apply this to the scratched area. Then, use another rag to wipe the glass clean. You can repeat the process several times for best results.

Bonus Tip

If the glass appears foggy after cleaning, use nail polish remover on a soft cloth to get that shine back.

While you can remove minor scratches, larger scratches may require the attention of a professional to get remove. Of course, the easiest way to deal with scratches is to avoid them in the first place. To prevent scratches, protect your glass surfaces by always using coasters, hot pads and placemats before placing dishes on them. For decorative items like vases, lamps or sculptures, apply a protective rubber base.

With a bit of care, you can avoid getting scratches on your favorite glass top tables, picture frames, windows and other surfaces. Should you get a minor scratch, the DIY methods listed above usually do the trick for restoring the beauty of your glass.

Do you need the help of a professional with your scratched surface? Contact Economy Glass for assistance from the experts in glass. We look forward to serving you!

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